You're Better Than This
song: "#2 Hit Single"
PILE at their finest, taking charge with a dynamic onslaught of unpredictable and brilliantly crafted indie leaning punk.
The Austerity Program
Beyond Calculation
song: "Song 30"

The Austerity Program have boiled all the gristle off the skeleton. What's left is just the essence - titanium guitar sound, relentless bass and all the drum machine you can handle.

Couch Slut
My Life as a Woman
song: "Little Girl Things"

Punishing noise-rock drenched in fuzz, with a little tip of the hat to some metals, some hardcore and all that furious sex danger love action the kids love so goddamned much.

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Doors at 8PM. [ The Bell House ] is at 149 7th St, Brooklyn. Tickets available [ here ].